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Ghost Hunting

Self Guided
walking Tour  

Learn the history of Dunedin, FL and interesting facts as you take a walk along the streets of this quaint seaside town. 


You will search for ghosts in local parks while learning about the ghostly Legend of Orange-Head, Pirates, the Clearwater Sea Monster and More.  This tour is an hour long tour, please wear comfortable walking shoes and dress accordingly. Family Friendly - Not scary - Nothing jumps out at you! 

Mafia Man at Night Black and White


Reiki in the Park n

This is an enchanting experience as you meet a Reiki Master for an cleansing, chakra experience and card reading. Our Reiki Master will be using Native American sage to cleanse you of all negative energy and will give each person Reiki in a relaxed, seated position. You will then let the universe guide you to choose an empowerment stone for you to keep.  You will also be guided to pull an Angel card for an angel card message.  


The entire experience with the Reiki Master is an hour. 


Golf Cart Art / Murals Tour

ILet us take you around on our five star - 6 passenger Golf Cart (5 allowed on the tour) to show you all the amazing local Artsy Murals. Plenty of photo ops, selfies and group shots to take! We will also show you the Dolphin Statues and be on the lookout for the painted oranges all around the quaint downtown of Dunedin. Your guide will share some local history and fun stories of the history of Dunedin. Its a great way to see all the local spots, before you explore on your own! Your experience will last for an hour.

Tree-alier Golf Cart Tour &

Artisan Craft Brewery 

A Tree-alier is an artistic masterpiece that hangs beautifully from the trees that line the streets near the quaint downtown of Dunedin. You will be brought on a tour of the the local Tree-aliers, art and some murals. We then drop you off at one of the  local artisan craft breweries. Learn about the History of Dunedin and some fun local stories. This tour is 1 hour long. We will leave you at the brewery  for you to enjoy and drink at your leisure. Please remember to bring your legal ID. Please email or call us to book this tour. We can also drop you off at a coffee shop, ice cream bar, or just downtown. 

Sound Bowl Healing Session 

This is an experience of the mind, body and soul. Lay down and relax as your body cleanses to the sacred sound bowls. You will be guided through a mediation to help you find a message from your spirit guides or spirit animals. Reiki will be given to you to clear your chakras, energy blocked  and move out anything that no longer serves you. You will feel refreshed mind, body and soul after this experience. Reiki Master Deborah and Life Coach Christina , both sound healers, take you through a unique and one of a kind experience. 

You can book online, call or email us to book this service. Call 401-239-3030 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing
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