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Art & Mural Tours 

Have fun Exploring the quaint, seaside city of Dunedin, Florida. This tour will take you around the town to some beautiful art and mural locations. Videos pop up when you get with in the 100ft of the pins on the map and the video guides Christina & Debbie will tell you some fun facts about Dunedin. We even have exclusive interviews with one local artist to share with you and a special video made just for our guests by artist Storm Ritter on her giant Mural! Enjoy the Tour! I put a lot of LOVE into making it for you and hope you love Dunedin as much as I do ! Thank you - Christina Rondeau 

Have fun in Dunedin with these fun finds....
Check out our photo gallery below showing you some of our finds. 


Not only do you have beaches, parks & more but right in the surrounding area
you have some really cool "artwork" including natures own to find. 

Graffiti and Murals painted all around Dunedin. Go searching and take photos at them! 

ORANGES - Look around while you are on the Pinellas Trail, streets of downtown and surrounding areas as you will see Oranges painted on homes and businesses. 

Giant Adirondack Chairs - So much fun to take photos in these giant chairs and find them at different locations. 

DOLPHIN Statues - these statues are all around and each one is Unique. Go take photos with the dolphin statues and see how many you can find! 

CHANDELIERS -- We personally call it "Chandelier Alley" but it has no real name besides Broadway St., it is just artsy and fun! Start on Broadway St.  in Dunedin and take a stroll around the neighborhood and check out the most beautiful and creative chandeliers hanging from private homes. Be respectful and don't trespass just admire from the sidewalk. 

Quirky Mailboxes - Dunedin is also home to some fun and quirky mailboxes. We have only noticed these in the same neighborhood as the Chandeliers so look for those on your stroll too! 

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