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Soul Healing Sessions

Mind, Body & Soul 

Soul Healing Sessions 

Reiki -  Life Coaching - Meditations - Breath Work - Guided Vision Boards

Sacred Crystal Sound Bowls 

This is a unique, one of a kind, journey. Over 30 years experience,  Reiki Master Deborah Lynn and Life Coach Christina, both sound healers and experts in mind, body and soul experiences will take you on this journey. Please call 401-239-3030 or email to book your experience. 


We offer private 1:1,  group or corporate gatherings.  Girls weekends, bridal parties, birthdays, on public beaches, in the park or at your private residence. Contact us today. 


Crystal Sound
Bowl Healing

Let the bowls bathe you in sound and cleanse your mind, body and soul. Wash away the negative, hurt, pain, grief, frustration, sadness and feel reborn, cleansed, fresh, peaceful, alive... every moment we have is a chance to start new and after a sound bowl bath your chakras will be cleansed and your soul soothed. Experience it yourself. 

Crystal Sound Bowl Healing
Life Coaching

Guided Vision Boards

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